The Dancer and the Grumpy Billionaire

The Dancer and the Grumpy Billionaire

I have billions, an inheritance from my Ukrainian uncle. I have an up-and-coming career in foreign policy, thanks to a high-profile job working for rising political star and likely future president – Senator Enzo Jennings. I went to law school and did human rights work as a barrister before coming back to the States to work in politics. I have a sprawling, expensive apartment in DC. In short, I have it all.

Except for love. Unlucky in love, my friends call me.

Then I met her. She captivated me on stage at the ballet, but even more so when I realized she was the mysterious woman I saw abducted near my building one night. She has so many secrets. And there are so many reasons to walk away.

But I cannot. I will not. Even if it kills me. Maybe I really am unlucky in love.

You would think that I have it all, from the outside. I am a professional dancer – the youngest Principal Dancer in Washington Ballet history, in fact. I have a beautiful apartment, all paid for by my father.

But I am a prisoner. My father is a notorious Russian crime boss and my life is carefully controlled. What I eat, where I go, what I do… None of it is my choice.

Until I meet him.

I am obsessed, and I want nothing more than to run away and have a life with him. The cost will be high, but I am willing to take the chance. $0.99 on Kindle.
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