Trekking: A Guidebook for Spiritual Transformation

Trekking: A Guidebook for Spiritual TransformationWhat do you do when you feel spiritually lost?

In this day and age, this is a common feeling we have. Trekking is an invitation to deep spiritual and cultural transformation. While the standard and superficial practices of North American contemporary church are being soundly rejected in this cultural moment, Gene Maynard takes you on a journey into ancient, contemplative Christian spirituality to help you retrieve the powerfully transformative practices and rhythms that have always been the hallmark of Christian faith.

You will travel with him over the ancient El Camino de Santiago pilgrimage where, with the help of these contemplative Christian practices, he verified their power to transform interior life and surrounding culture. Immersing yourself in the first two sections of the book, you will find interior, spiritual practices that, for centuries, have been healing profoundly the deep, interior places within us that have been marked by wounds, losses, sins, and rejections. You’ll explore and be challenged by practices such as lectio divina, contemplation, and the Jesus Prayer. As you linger with these practices, you will begin to make progress on the way that leads to a deeper life with Jesus. With your soul awakening, you will find in the last section of Trekking spiritual practices that show you how to bring the healing you are experiencing back into your community. These exterior practices, such as simplicity, community, joy, and living life for others will amaze you at their power to make your community and world a better place at a moment in history when a better place is desperately needed.

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