Free: His Blue Collar Countess

His Blue Collar Countess

She needs a fresh start. He has a cash-flow problem. When a new millionaire and a reluctant aristocrat team up, can their hearts learn to beat as one?

Michigan. Lucy Gallagher’s future has come to a standstill. Giving up her plans for college to care for her mom an dthen losing her to cancer, the former history major has nothing left but a dead-end job. But when she unexpectedly wins the lottery, a forgotten dream has her reaching out to a British celebrity historian who just inherited a crumbling estate.

Henry Noble chafes under unwanted responsibility. Burdened with preventing the loss of his family’s holding, the new Earl of Daventry accepts a wealthy American’s funding proposal in exchange for one year of tutoring and a temporary marriage of convenience. But the Antiquity Channel star struggles to bring the dowdy Yank up to upper-crust par while juggling his growing pile of commitments.

Despite her blossoming interest in her new husband, Lucy’s frustration and insecurity grow as her hostile mother-in-law and the resident locals make it clear she’ll never fit in. And while Henry discovers the bride he’s neglecting is fun and intelligent, his longing to get back to his passion project threatens to keep the kind woman at arm’s length.
Can they turn their DIY relationhip into a love they’ll embrace forever? Free on Kindle.
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