Free: Within: A Memoir of an Inner Alchemist

Within: A Memoir of an Inner AlchemistWe’ve undoubtedly heard many times that the greatest journey is within. Above and beyond this truism, however, how many of us have been able to successfully navigate the world of consciousness and emerge with the capacity to guide others on the same journey?

Alex Kroll is just such a guide. Within is a story that points us toward the source not only of healing, but awakening. To arrive at this source requires that we embark on our own hero’s journey, the archetypal seed of which is present in all of us. Alex depicts, with candor and vulnerability, the trials he had to face along the way, as well as the moments of enchantment and beauty that await inside and call us to continue seeking.

From the sun-washed vistas of Ibiza, to the untamed countryside of India, the deep jungles of South America, and beyond, Alex shows us the steadfast commitment to discovery as well as the joy and adventure that come in its wake. Far from contemplative isolation, Alex’s turn inward connects him, and us, to the world and to each other in ways we may not even believe possible.

More than anything, Alex’s story points the way forward and reminds us that the limitless world of consciousness is within reach. Free on Kindle.
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