Tempting Max


I am in my ‘New Gus’ era. I am learning to love myself again. I am rediscovering me after the dumpster fire of an almost marriage. I am…living with my great aunt until I can afford to get my own place.

But that requires a job. And lucky for me, I score one on my first interview with the grumpiest, hottest, bear-sized man I’ve ever had the pleasure to irritate. He’s at least twenty years older than me and I’m positive that he forgot how to smile right around the time I was born. But there’s something about the pain behind his eyes that I want to ease.

All too soon I’m dreaming of his strong hands on my body and his lips against mine. But I can’t. I shouldn’t. There’s no way my heart is ready for another fall.

Opening Redpoint Brewery with my brothers is not our passion project or something we ever imagined we would be doing. But it’s our last chance—with our last cent—to make something of the Sutton name after losing our birthright.

I expected the normal ups and downs of a new business. I expected this mid-life about-face to be difficult. But I didn’t expect my brand-new employee—Gus—to turn me completely upside down with her copper-colored hair, delicious curves, and smartass mouth.

I want her. But I can’t even think about it. She’s too young. I’m too broken. And I won’t make the mistake of losing everything by falling for an employee. Again. $0.99 on Kindle.
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