Evolved: Aether Rising

Evolved: Aether Rising

After a particularly rough break-up, Pahras Rowe steps down from his superhero team and goes on sabbatical in Amsterdam. His vacation is cut short when his Uncle Gerald Stone arrives with an unexpected visitor, his villainous father, Solomon Stone. The two inform Pahras that the world he has been absent from for months has been turned upside down by their employers, the now villainous DISA. DISA has begun brutalizing and entrapping superhuman beings known as Evos. Worse still, DISA has captured the love of Pahras life.

Pahras and the Stones, with a group of new and old friends, set off right away to unravel the truth behind DISA’s unceremonious attack on superhumans. The deeper down the rabbit hole they travel, the more questions Pahras must confront. Pahras happens upon a plot thousands of years in the making orchestrated by a man who is always a step ahead of the. Just when things couldn’t get worse, Pahras’ powers are replaced by an incandescent new golden energy that seem to obey his every wish…sometimes.

Fighting his way through behemoth sharks and even larger robots, Pahras must rise to the occasion as he never has before. $0.99 on Kindle.
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