Infertility Lies: A Journey of Discovering Truth

Infertility Lies: A Journey of Discovering Truth

Heartfelt and compassionate, Infertility Lies is a book of experience and guidance to help you navigate what can seem like an impossible challenge.

Life was rolling along according to plan. After one month of trying to conceive, Karen was pregnant and could not be more excited.

Karen miscarried at nine weeks. It took work to maintain optimism while grieving this life they lost. It was challenging and unexpected. They dusted themselves off and anxiously awaited the next positive pregnancy test that was just around the corner, but it never came.

In sharing the raw and real with you, Karen wants you to know you are valuable in this season of your life and wants to help you process your story.

You are not alone, let’s journey together.


Infertility Lies is a book of insights to help you navigate this difficult process. With a focus on keeping the process positive, interactive components, and introspective challenges, you’ll embrace much-deserved self-empathy while tackling the road ahead with confidence and pride.

In Infertility Lies, you’ll find:
The ten falsehoods you need to unlearn so you’ll be able to accept any outcome
Ideas for navigating the rough seasons and how to gently make it to the other side of roadblocks
The importance of boundaries and ways to keep treatment and relationships healthy
Journal and reflection questions to help redetermine your worth outside your fertility status
Empowering stories, thoughtful insights, and much, much more! $0.99 on Kindle.
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