Adventures On The Can Do Trail

Adventures On The Can Do Trail

Adventures On The Can Do Trail is a richly illustrated large format picture book for 3-8 year olds with a strong positive message about fighting back against challenges that seemingly hold one back but which can be conquered. The book consists of seven fables about a human boy named Alex visiting and helping animals along a trail he is hiking called the CAN DO TRAIL.

Each fable is about a different animal who has a physical challenge (i.e. disability) and hears CAN’T constantly. There is the oh too short giraffe who everyone says can’t eat the leaves at the tops of the trees, the horse with no back legs who his friends believe can’t run and play outside with them, and the owl without the ability to see at night who is missing out on the choicest nocturnal morsels.

Every one of them—as well as the five others in the book—conquer their limitations with Nick’s help and CAN DO what others thought they couldn’t empowering that animal to proudly proclaim: WHO SAYS I CAN’T!

Grab Adventures on The Can Do Trail and go on a journey with Alex as he learns to unlock his inner strength! $1.99 on Kindle.
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