CODE NAME: THE FOX – Operation Durango Cartel

CODE NAME: THE FOX - Operation Durango Cartel
Two years since the rape and murder of Harold Brandon’s beloved wife, Shelly, he strikes his scythe of vengeance upon one man and his entire cartel.

“Hey gringo, are you lost?”

“No. Not lost. Looking for someone.”

“Who are you looking for?”

“I’m looking for a dead man.”


Shelly was raped and murdered by the Sonora Cartel two years ago. And since then, Harold has been juggling his sorrow and rage amid a standing contract on his life set at one million dollars.

When a grieving former drug-lord-turned-minister-turned-contractor is also being hunted like prey, he adapts.

Harold was forced to hide in the shadows and isolate himself from friends and family. He was also driven to undergo plastic surgery twice.

Heartbroken, seething, unrecognizable, and with unlimited government resources at his disposal, Harold now has the upper hand and plots to find Enrique, the Sonora Cartel’s #2 man, with every intention of killing him — slowly and in true cartel fashion.

Just like how they killed his wife.

Will Harold succeed?

Find out for yourself in “Operation Durango Cartel: Harold Brandon’s War Against the Cartels”, the second installment to the bestselling “Code Name: The Fox” series by prolific author Dr. Hal Bradley, DD!

If you’re looking for a roller coaster of blood, betrayal, and vengeance, then get ready to meet your next favorite book!
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