The King In Me

The King In Me

Part II of the King in Me Series is designed to help men of color take a deeper dive into discovering their life’s purpose through affirmations, understanding trauma, embracing relationships for success, and other personal development related topics. —Empowering men of color to discover who they are, and what they love and desire out of life.

“The King in Me” is a four-part series of beautifully illustrated journals and practical guides designed to help men of color discover their life’s purpose through self-exploration, healing, and personal development. The books within this series combine thought-provoking prompts and creative exercises to help men of color gain meaningful introspection and unlock their potential. The King in Me series was designed by scholar, Dr. Solomon Tention, and it is based on his own experience with living life on purpose, and his coaching work with men who want to live their life with more purpose and passion.

Through each section of the series, men will explore their identity and emotions, examine their relationships, define their values, passions, and dreams, embrace their life’s purpose, and so much more. The King in Me series helps men of color: Engage in Deep Inner Work?

Learn the power of their words and limiting beliefs, while journaling their way to a fresh perspective of what brings them joy and what they are capable of achieving. Get Motivated?Discover motivation through moving quotes, introspective, insightful prompts, and practices. Celebrate You?Discover the aspects of their identity that resonates the most, wear them with confidence as a King, and continue their journey to purpose. $3.99 on Kindle.
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