Free: Nothing More Than Zero

Nothing More Than Zero

A YA fantasy adventure full of magic, danger, and discovery.

The portals connecting the kingdoms of the world are all but forgotten. The ancient line of Dragon Kings are passed beyond myth. But a boy and his dragon on a quest to find the boy’s missing father revive both.

Encountering powerful enemies, unnatural storms, and ruthless bounty hunters is not exactly how he hoped his search would go. Every move Jaxson makes causes more problems. He will have to rely on the friends he just met, his wits, and most of all his dragon Zero, if he hopes to survive long enough to find his father.

Dangers await them on their quest, but there is no turning back. Jaxson needs to find his father, and Zero needs to find answers about his past. Both are unsure what they will discover, but at least they will find it together. Free on Kindle.
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