Free: Barnabee Believes (in Himself)

Barnabee Believes (in Himself)

Barnabee bee loves to spell and dreams of being a spelling bee champ. Everyone believes he has what it takes to win. The only thing holding him back is his overactive imagination. Will Barnabee ever learn to BEE-lieve . . . in himself? Young readers will enjoy this fun story, as they follow along Barnabee bee’s journey to overcoming fear, to follow his dreams. Everyone has a dream. Dreams often start as early as childhood. Unfortunately, fear often sets in holding us back from these dreams. Told through lively illustrations and humor, this story explores themes like: courage, self-doubt, self-belief, determination, and friendship! Barnabee Believes (in Himself) encourages young readers to follow their dreams and to not let anyone or anything hold them back! It is a reminder to dream big, ignore the naysayers, and not to give up! Free on Kindle.
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