The Wayward Marine

The Wayward MarineWhat are they going to do, send me to Vietnam? Peter Dunev lived by these words for years as his life threatened to spiral out of control. When it came time to flee Spain because of troubles with his father, he headed to the one place he knew was accepting just about anybody: the United States Marine Corps. Peter wasn’t sure he was cut for military life but decided to make the most of it from that first day he stepped off the bus at Parris Island. Knowing life as a grunt wasn’t for him, Peter decided to become an aviator. The joke was on him, however. Instead of jumping in the cockpit of a fighter jet, he was assigned to pilot low-flying helicopters into the heart of the jungle to support Marines and evacuate the wounded. It was a whirlwind from day one. Peter dove into his new profession head-on and had innumerable adventures along the way (including a night of drinks with the Apollo program astronauts in flight school). Then it happened. Peter boarded the transport to Danang and his tour of duty in Vietnam. But, be careful what you wish for; you might get it. His adventures in combat were filled with finding unexpected love in Saigon, making lifelong friends, getting lost and running out of fuel in the Ashau Valley, and mission after mission of being shot at. All of it culminating in him eventually missing his plane ride home. Peter’s life was one of fast cars, women, and pissing off a host of superior officers while trying to survive.The Wayward Marine is an examination of the heart of America in a time many would like to forget. Peter Dunev took advantage of every opportunity, was confronted by anti-war protesters, and eventually made his way to a successful career on Wall Street. Gripping, suspenseful, filled with trials and tribulations so many others did not survive, the life of Peter Dunev is one that everyone should experience. $2.99 on Kindle
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