Shiny Lies

Shiny Lies

Aydin returned home to Denver with a plan. The SpecOps Commando and his desert wingman, Phil, are going to make it back in the world. There’s money in software if you work hard, get lucky, and stay alive.

The thing is, he never counted on his wife, Allison, using their past within The Program to broker a Black Ops deal. A covert deal to sell Aydin’s targeting software.

Allison’s long-con goes wrong, Aydin steps in to keep everyone alive. She knew Aydin would not let her take the fall. But, before he can get them out of the mess, a failed desert mission resurfaces.

Phil’s southern charm is never at a loss: “Two weeks. We couldn’t make it two weeks without someone trying to kill us.” $3.99 on Kindle.

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