Escape To Simisu

Escape To Simisu

There is a stunning hidden planet…Simisu. It has always been there, close to Earth but in a different dimension. And now they want to try to help us save Earth.

Bernadette has been chosen as their final Seeker, and will be given the last chance to help Earth remember what has been lost. If she fails, Earth and all its creatures will perish shortly in a series of unstoppable events.

Bernadette is taken on a journey of discovery to find the Simisu gifts which are needed to save and restore Earth. To find them she must first uncover secrets, forgotten knowledge, and work out the lost Principles of Simisu for herself.

What she finds in Simisu astounds her and brings her a joy and happiness she never knew was possible. And will change her life for ever.
But evil men from Earth are after her to kill her, steal the gifts, wage war, and plunder Simisu for themselves.

Will she succeed? What insights will she uncover on the way? And will the reader also hear the call from Simisu? $4.23 on Kindle.

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