Grayer than Grey

Grayer than Grey -- A love story. A guy, a girl and his demons.

Can love conquer all?

Haunted by his past and what he has to do to control the demons resulting from it, Scott never lets anyone get close. What if they found out about the fire and what his cousins did afterward? He’s never been in love. Never even spent the night with a girl after having sex.

Then he meets Abby, and it’s like she casts a spell over him. A spell he can’t break, and maybe doesn’t want to. To buy time to decide, he takes a job in another state as an entertainment writer for a newspaper.

Despite all the fun and excitement of the new job, which has him interviewing celebrities and jetting off to New York and Hollywood, he can’t stop thinking about Abby. They continue their long-distance affair while she is finishing grad school, and Scott weighs the options of how to handle the new feelings he’s experiencing.

Can he conquer his demons and have a successful relationship with Abby? Does he want to try? It won’t be easy. And will Abby wait for him while he tries? $4.99 on Kindle.

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