After She Died

After She Died

They say you killed your sister, but you don’t remember a thing…

Kayleen was excited to spend a weekend alone with her boyfriend. She never thought it would end in murder.

Minutes before taking off to the family cabin, Kayleen’s mom begs her to invite her demanding older sister, Faith, along. The same sister who tried to kiss her boyfriend, Scott, when no one was watching.

Forced to let Faith come with them, Kayleen does what she can to keep her reckless sibling away from Scott. But things get out of hand fast, and Kayleen finds herself locked up in a mental hospital after being arrested for Faith’s murder.

As Kayleen tries to remember what happened at the cabin, she only wants to understand one thing: how could she have killed her own sister?

This gripping psychological thriller will send you racing towards an unforgettable twist. If you loved The Silent Patient and The Woman in the Window, this book is for you. Buy a copy today. $0.99 on Kindle.

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