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Stealing Tesla
Cracking the wrong safe was his first mistake

1941–as America edges toward world war, a cat-burglar stalks Manhattan. The newspapers call him, The Smoke–elusive and vaporous. However, The Smoke’s next job will throw him headlong into the world of espionage and murder.

The thief has his eyes on an Egyptian artifact tucked away in a safe at the New Yorker Hotel, but as the heist goes awry, The Smoke stumbles into the suite of renowned scientist, Nikola Tesla. Inside his safe are the designs for a weapon of mass destruction coveted by both, the U.S. government and enemy agents alike.

With that mistake, The Smoke becomes a target.

Hot on The Smoke’s trail is a shrewd New York Police Detective hoping to thwart his next heist. With the police and agents on his heels, The Smoke’s every step draws him deeper into a lethal web of spies and killers.

With the outcome of the war hanging in the balance, it becomes a battle against time over who will be successful in Stealing Tesla. Free on Kindle.
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