The Billionaire’s Surrogate

The Billionaire's Surrogate
What do you say when the hot billionaire guy friend you’ve been crushing on asks you to have his baby? Yes, please. Where do I sign?

Joey Williams is filthy rich, smoking hot, and has a killer career.
What’s missing? A family.
More specifically – kids of his own, minus the wife.

He’s crazy enough to think being a single dad is easier than a relationship.
The only thing crazier than his single parenthood plan?
And he thinks I’m the perfect woman to be his baby mama.

But I wouldn’t walk away empty handed.
All I have to do is agree to be his surrogate…
And the restaurant I’ve dreamed of opening will finally be mine.

Have as much sex as possible with a rich hunk I’ve been drooling over?
Sign me up. Get my dream career out of the bargain too? I’m in.

The contract: I agree to have his baby, no strings attached.
He gives me the deed to a building to open my business in.
We both walk away with what we want.

Seems simple enough.
Until it’s time to actually walk away…
This deal comes with far more than either of us bargained for.
No matter how hard we try to resist, we keep falling right through the cracks of our contract and back into bed together.

Will my heart inevitably do the same? Better question…Will his?

An irresistible small-town billionaire and his hot surrogate who will give you roller coaster ride of emotions, possessiveness, intensely hot love and happily ever after! $0.99 on Kindle.

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