Living From Eternity: Live Out Heaven’s Reality As You Walk The Earth

Living From Eternity: Live Out Heaven's Reality As You Walk The Earth

Unlock Your Spiritual Potential — to See, Experience, and Rule from the Heavenly Realms!

You have been translated and are now a citizen of the Kingdom of Light. You are designed to live in close communion with Heaven, the way Jesus did. He saw and knew things no one else did, and He gave us that ability by the Holy Spirit. As a son of God, in Jesus, you have the same ability to live and walk in the Heavenly realms.

By the Spirit, every believer has access to the hidden mysteries of God’s heart — mysteries that are freely revealed to those who desire Him. Explore your makeup and what you’re inherently capable of, in light of God’s original creation. In getting a glimpse of what happened before our world was made, and what God’s intent was in making Man, you will discover the truth of your identity and learn fundamental principles that will help you solve life’s toughest, yet most practical questions.

As you read, you will:
– Discover the keys to spiritual dynamics vital to your Heavenly authority.
– Discover how you can experience the Kingdom in real life, as you read inspiring events of Heavenly encounters.
– Learn how to ‘see’ in the spirit, and make the supernatural your normal. God made the ‘seer’ gift accessible to anyone who desires it — there is no partiality with Him.
– Learn to hone your spiritual senses through activations and exercises.
– Explore the full extent of your Sonship.

God wants You to be a supernatural being in a natural world — It’s who You are! $3.99 on Kindle.

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