Secret Finder

Secret FinderKatherine Ainsworth’s future hangs in the balance.

Katherine works solo, outside the dictates of her powerful Family. For good reason. She is a Finder and one of the best. Katherine can enter anywhere, undetected. Right now there is a dead man at her feet.

Nicholas Kingsley is lead detective. Everything points to the pretty, yet elusive Katherine Ainsworth. There is zero evidence. And Nick’s not buying it. A simmering passion starts to grow between Nick and Katherine as they are drawn into a hunt for the killer.

Katherine is fighting for her survival and the future of the Family. She must tread carefully. Powerful forces are at play. She must uncover the truth behind the monster creating this carnage.

Nick and Katherine are on a collision course. Detective and suspect are falling for one another. Both want answers. Both will stop at nothing to save the other.

A clean contemporary romance with a touch of mystery and magic. $4.49 on Kindle.

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