Zombie Files

Zombie Files

Zombie Files is the true story about the Zombie Hunters Union, a group of Security Specialists who worked together in a hostile environment against criminal gangs in Haiti. They operated in the shadows since an evil cabal rules the country with the power of violent gangs and the black magic of Voodoo. They came together in their fight against the violent street gangs in the worst slums of the northern hemisphere and soon became the biggest threat to the evil forces in power. They were more effective and successful in combating organized kidnapping gangs than thousands of blue helmet soldiers deployed with the United Nations Mission MINUSTAH. The international peacekeeping forces had to follow the directives of the Haitian government, which was controlled by the cabal. The Zombie Hunters Union didn’t have directives, officially they never existed.

Max Kail was a United Nations Security Officer who wanted to make a difference in his last mission and joined the Zombie Hunters with some of his colleagues. This is his confession. $9.10 on Kindle.

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