Peace Power Profits: Why You Don’t Have It, How To Get It

Peace Power Profits: Why You Don't Have It, How To Get It

Whether you’re doing life or you’re doing business, you bring yourself to each situation.

Often people don’t make the association between the results they’re immediately having in their careers, life, business or relationships and the traumatic events in their past. These events such as abuse, abandonment, grief, loss, debilitating setbacks or self-limiting beliefs can wreak havoc on your success though you may not even know it. They leave trapped emotions inside of your body that go to work subconsciously, giving you results you’re repeatedly having.

The author Dr. Gwen uses her experience of her early abusive marriage to map a path to healing and wholeness using the Peace, Power Profits ACT Breakthrough Success Model. She shares the framework with tools and methods to help you heal your past, creating peace, power and profits and releasing you from the trap to go from Broken to Breakthrough. $0.99 on Kindle

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