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Fans of historical romance novels and those of time travel love stories such as The Time Travelers Wife, Somewhere in Time, The Lake House, and Outlander will find both in A Timeless Attraction.

Surviving a challenging childhood that had her father abandoning her when she was an infant and her mother dying when she was sixteen years old, Molly Hannon was looking forward to her new life as a history teacher in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. However, a cheating boyfriend and the resultant breakup created additional challenges. Still, Molly was a strong, independent woman whose love of history, especially the Civil War and the Battle of Gettysburg, kept her occupied. But when a series of dreams become real, she finds herself in 1863, just weeks before the wars most decisive battle.

Separated from her previous life by nearly two centuries, Molly must adapt to survive until the forces that brought her here allow her to return to the life she once had. Although not seeking love, it finds her when she meets a brave, handsome, and widowed small-town doctor. But when the future she left behind suggests the possibility of more heartbreak, Molly must make the toughest decision of her young life.
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