Free: Journeys to Camelot: Merlin Sails the Sea of Time

The Council of Elders sent Merlin through time to find “the hope from the future” spoken of in an ancient prophecy. He finds two girls and three boys from one family, seemingly unlikely heroes, and takes them (kidnaps them?) to the Dark Ages–the time of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table.

Merlin loses them on their entry. They must rely on each other and their wits as they are threatened by wolves, changing trolls, a famous dragon, and shape-shifting magicians. They know nothing of magic and have no weapons other than their will to live and their love for each other.

When brought back together by Merlin, he explains their task. They must save the life of a young lad about to come out from under a shield spell cast to protect him from a powerful shamaness. She wants to kill him before he matures into a powerful white wizard, threatening her power and control. Her goal becomes not only to kill the lad but these five kids as well. With a group of elite assassins and a small army at her command, the odds are in her favor

Merlin serves as a guide, spiritual mentor, and friend. Their quests may lead to the Holy Grail, but their success and survival are up to them. They must learn quickly and assume their power or the future will be thrown into chaos, and they will never see their parents, their friends, their dogs, their cats, or the twenty-first century again! Free on Kindle.
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