Free: That Feeling

That Feeling

The first time I saw her wrapped in skintight denim and a cowboy hat riding a mechanical bull, I knew she was trouble…The kind of trouble you spend all night praying never ends and a decade trying to forget.

So tell me why, come Monday morning, she’s sitting across from me at our quarterly board meeting as the new director of social media for Slade Brewing, my family company.

Brooklyn Dyer isn’t just a transplant from Chicago looking for the next step in her career, she’s technically my new boss.

I told myself not to give in, but those full hips and that attitude of hers make me want to misbehave.
She’s a defiant little thing that needs to learn a lesson about teasing a man like me.
Somehow, after losing a bet, I not only promised her a date but I tasted her cherry red lips.

She’s one of those girlsMysterious, driven, all kinds of sexy.

I wish that was the worst of it, but next thing I know, she’s got me shirtless on a horse posing as the model for her national social media campaign and my heart wrapped around her finger.

Just about the time I think I can let my guard down and embrace these new feelings, life takes a turn when a pining ex shows up, theres a baby on the way and some seriously dangerous drama unfolds that could change our lives forever.

She’s one of those girls alright.

The kind that makes you wish you hadn’t walked away when you did.
The type that makes you feel sorry for her exes when you realize what they lost.
The type that makes you want to finally stop fighting that feeling. Free on Kindle.
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