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A Date with Suicide
A Date with Suicide is a heartfelt attempt to tell the stories of veterans who have struggled at the edges of life and death. D Paul Fleming courageously dives into his own trials and tribulations as a Disabled veteran and walks readers down a path away from the date with suicide and toward an affirmation of life.

From childhood trauma to basic training and from military service to the cold impersonal world inside the VA, he demonstrates how events build and compound until there is seemingly no way out. By searching what he calls the four corners of our existencephysical, emotional, mental, and spiritualD Paul shows readers how to recognize the signs that become precursors to A Date with Suicide as well as a clear understanding of the root cause behind the anxiety, depression, panic, and overwhelming thoughts and nightmares Veterans struggle to deal with.

As he does so, he models the capacity to speak out about the burdens we carry and in so doing bring these burdens into relationship, where they can be healed and processed. A Date with Suicide is a significant giving to veterans and anyone who has had to confront the darkness within, a darkness that can seem all-consuming. D Pauls words and true stories will rekindle your hope and showcase the resilience and perseverance of the human spirit.

We must end Veteran suicide this book is our starting point. Free on Kindle.
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