Italian American

Italian American
A tale of hope, sacrifices, and the unbreakable spirit of women who shape their destinies.

Nine years after their fateful meeting at the Colosseum in Rome, Mariella is ready to start a life in America with her husband, Jack. But, this means leaving her family, her beloved city and all she holds dear. Will their love endure the challenges of adapting to a new country?

The cobblestones felt familiar beneath Mariellas feet as she made her way through the streets of Rome one final time despite her heart aching with each step she took. Emigrating to America means saying goodbye to a family she fiercely loves, a city still bearing the scars of war and ghosts of the past. But the promise of a lifetime by Jacks side is all she needs. Or is it?
Mariellas dreams quickly fracture when she arrives in Asbury Park. She struggles for a sense of belonging while navigating gossiping housewives and a disapproving mother-in-law. And with Jack working late nights at the restaurant, she often longs for his company.

Yet, once they move into their charming house in Wanamassa Gardens, Mariella finds her footing. Friendships flourish, and their family grows, giving her hope for a future in their idyllic corner of suburbia. Just as her dreams become reality, a heartbreaking call forces her to return to Italy and confront the decisions that led her across the Atlantic.

With so much at stake, Mariella must choose between the place shes always known and the life she’s always yearned for. Can she find the strength to say farewell to her family once again? What will it cost her if she cant? $0.99 on Kindle.
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