The Stories We Cannot Tell

The Stories We Cannot Tell
The Stories We Cannot Tell is a contemporary novel about the emotional journey of two women. Rachel is a thirty-year-old married, Jewish woman who’s wanted a baby for a long time. Katies a thirty-two-year-old single, Catholic woman who has been trying to find a man who’ll stick around. We follow the women individually as they find themselves pregnant, Rachel happily, Katie, not. As they enter their second trimester, they’re shocked to hear that theres something wrong with the babies they’re carrying. The women meet in a support group and help each other through not only the excruciating decision they need to make, but through the issues that come with making that decision. These strong women become fast friends as they gain strength from each other and form a tight bond, uncovering surprising connections. The Stories We Cannot Tell is an inspirational, and heartwarming saga that explores relationships, pregnancy, love, hope, and family. $0.99 on Kindle.
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