Aztec Odyssey: Historical Action Adventure

A treasure lost to time, a string of stolen artifacts, and one archaeologist determined to expose the truth.

The year is 1521, and Tenochtit ln burns. Wracked by plague and war, the majestic Aztec empire begins to crumble. As their beloved capital city falls to the ruthless Spaniards and hordes of vengeful tribes, the Aztecs make a last-ditch attempt to secretly save their heritage before its lost to the sands of time forever.

Meanwhile in the modern day, a string of high-profile robberies lays waste to archaeological sites and museums across Mesoamerica, overshadowed by a brewing nationalistic fervor which threatens to topple already fragile countries. Rumors say the artifacts hold the secret to a legendary mythThe Seven Cities of Cibola which has concealed countless treasures for centuries.

Faced with unravelling the mysteries of both the present and the past, aspiring archaeologist Nick LaBounty embarks on a dangerous mission to solve a long-held family mystery and discover the truth behind the stolen artifacts.

He soon finds his fate irreversibly entangled with a civilization from over five hundred years ago. But time is running out, and the future of both a fabulous treasure and all Central America teeters precariously in the balance. $0.99 on Kindle.
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