Free: A Perfectly Good Fantasy: A Memoir

A Perfectly Good Fantasy: A Memoir
Brace yourself for this darkly funny sequel to Lynn Walkers award-winning book, Midnight Calling: A Memoir of a Drug Smugglers Daughter. Fiercely determined to live without drugs and alcohol, Lynn has rebuilt her life survived, somehow, her dad and his cocaine but she cant seem to find all the pages to life’s instruction manual.

With wit and insight, she takes us on a journey, and what a trip it is! Knocking over chairs and trying not to drink vodka in a Russian castle. Peeing next to a wild grizzly bear. Cocaine-addicted lab rats. Trudging through the wilderness of relationships in search of this thing called love.

Even if you’ve never struggled with addiction (or love), you’ll find humor and wisdom in this very human, true story of how we can use just about anything booze, relationships, potato chips to try to change the way we feel.

This is a candid and stubbornly hopeful memoir but be prepared you just might catch a glimpse of yourself on this wild ride. Free on Kindle.
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