Free: From Now On: School Safety After COVID-19

From Now On: School Safety After COVID-19

No matter your location, From Now On offers school leaders strategies for creating the safest learning environments for the people they serve, following a pandemic that can easily be described as the worse global crisis humanity has experienced thus far.

Dr. Deloris Benjamin, a school safety expert whose crisis management research has garnered over 30,000 reads, mentions, and downloads by academics seeking to study and add to the body of knowledge concerning safety in education settings. Originally written as a school safety system for the Ebola virus (2014), the book went on hiatus until 2019, when a strange and new virus hit our shores – COVID-19.

In this book, Dr. Benjamin reveals practical strategies, best-practices, and science-based recommendations by leading safety authorities. Learn how to:
– apply strategies, best-practices, and recommendations for school safety protocols;
– improve preparation confidence when planning and implementing school safety protocols;
– improve effectiveness and efficiency of business continuity at district and school levels after a pandemic;
– identify professional development areas to strengthen school safety preparedness and protocols;
…and much more.

From Now On will present you with real-life, school-based scenarios during the pandemic, and give you the tools and strategies you need to transform your schools–whether you are a district leader looking to improve school safety policy, a school principal searching for ways to improve campus safety for staff and students, or a teacher who wishes to learn classroom-based strategies for personal and student safety.
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