Free: What Tragedies Make

What Tragedies Make
After getting involved with a drug ring investigation as an unofficial police intern, 18-year-old Kipp Green meets convicted murderer Morgan Toner. Morgan, a 17-year-old who was convicted of murder at age 12, is still haunted by her past. She claims to be getting notes from a man named Anthony Hall after her research revealed him to be the drug rings leader. As Kipp gets more involved with the investigation, she finds herself coming back to Morgan again and again, learning about her ugly past. In childhood, Kipp’s father died in a car crash, while both of Morgan’s parents were murdered by an unknown assailant, but Kipp soon finds that the perpetrator may not be as unknown as she thought. As time goes on, Kipp and Morgan’s pasts are slowly revealed to each other; all the while, the drug investigation is revealing their small Colorado town to be a web of information yet to be figured out. The threat of Halls group is ever-growing, but Kipp has never been one to back down from a challenge. Free on Kindle.
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