Free: Carver

This OTT alpha cop will do anything for the sweet girl whos been wrongly arrested. But maybe Ambers not as innocent as she seems


Im living in rundown student digs, my housemate may be a pot dealer, and Ive just spent the night in a police cell. Life couldnt get any worse.

Then along comes Carver, the tough cop with the soft heart. He rescues me from the cells and my student hovel.

But will the schemes of my jealous housemate send me right back to where I began?


Ambers not the type of girl we usually get in the cells: sweet, innocent, and totally gorgeous.

I open up my home to her and my heart. But when I find out shes hiding something from me, I start to wonder: How well do I really know her?

Carver is a steamy instalove age-gap romance featuring an OTT alpha cop and a curvy younger woman. Free on Kindle.
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