Claimed by the Mafia (The Billionaire Mafia Book 3)

Claimed by the Mafia (The Billionaire Mafia Book 3)
Im being forced to pay my fathers debt after his death And my only hope is the nephew of the man who kidnapped me.

I threw my life away to take care of my father. All I was left with were debts I could never repay. When a cruel mobster kidnaps me, its clear he doesnt have good intentions with me

But when I lock eyes with a strong, handsome fighter and beg for his help, he actually listens

His name is Conor OShea, and hes wrapped up in my fathers debt, too. But he doesnt want to hurt me, and ends up saving me from his horrible uncle.

Suddenly were forced to be in close proximity and the tension between us grows and grows. One of us will break But there will be no going back from this.

After all, Im still so innocent.

Claimed by the Mafia is the third full-length novel in The Billionaire Mafia dark romance series. Borrow now if you want more spicy mafia billionaires! $0.99 on Kindle.
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