Dangerous Obsession (Corrupt Bloodlines Book 3)

Dangerous Obsession (Corrupt Bloodlines Book 3)
He broke my heart and sent me away… So why is he following me around town?

Handsome, muscular and dangerous – Leo Gusev was the love of my life, until he shattered my heart into a million pieces. I never recovered from the blow. But clearly, neither did Leo.

When I’m attacked in a dark alley late at night, Leo is there to save me with his bullets. But his heroic act might cost us both our lives…

Years ago, Leo made sure no man could get his hands on me. He stopped at nothing – scaring off dates, paying people to disappear, and ultimately, disappoint me. He says he did it all to protect me… But I’m not sure I believe him.

I know his family’s dark past better than anyone…

And I know what his father is capable of.

Everything changes when I find out I’m expecting… and my baby will not be a child of the bratva.

Even if it means losing Leo… His dark lifestyle might break me, but I won’t let it break my child.

DANGEROUS OBSESSION is the third book of The Corrupt Bloodlines series of interconnected standalones.

This is a sensually dark romance novel that can be binged alone or with the rest of the series! $0.99 on Kindle.
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