The Humbling and Other Poems

The Humbling and Other Poems
An “Editor’s Pick” in the June 20, 2022 issue of Publishers Weekly, this masterful, inspiring, and critically-acclaimed debut poetry collection features over 100 memorable poems on humility, hope, love, justice, peace, and more.

Fans of Robert’s poetry will be elated to find Obsidian with Sheens of Gold, Interior Kingdom, The Song of Walt Is Our Song, Amid the Jersey Turnpike Whales, Love’s Special Relativity, the Phoenix poems, and many other favorites are included here along with new writings.

Newcomers to Robert’s poetry soon discover his accessible poems span an ever-expanding array of interesting topics and unique styles, ensuring there is “something for everyone” to be found in his carefully crafted works.

As part of Robert’s ongoing efforts to promote accessibility in poetry, he has included a glossary of poetry terms, reading suggestions, three brief essays, an author biography, and more in his book.

You can follow Robert on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, AllPoetry, or his website ( as he posts new poems, participates in poetry challenges, engages with fans and other authors, and promotes the awareness and appreciation of poetry. $2.99 on Kindle.
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