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Closing Shift 4
Chase Jordan and Victor Morris are back, and this time they’re in deep water… literally! Closing Shift 4 picks up right where Part 3 left off. We find Chase and Victor trying to escape an unimaginable predicament and things only get worse when they learn some ground-shaking news about Chase’s cousin, Samara that may lead them on another deadly pursuit while battling the growing desire to take their “situationship” to something serious.

But when Chase receives a mysterious offer to star in a reality competition, she flies to a Caribbean island and comes face to face with someone from her past and things heat up fast. Too bad everything isn’t what it seems. Meanwhile, the unexpected arrival of a beautiful stranger throws Victor into a whirlwind of passion and threatens his hope for a future with Chase. And Russ Cooper has an agenda of his own and a plan to reclaim his life and take down anyone in his way. Who will be the last one standing?

Told in first person alternate, Closing Shift 4 is the most intimate book in the series yet. Get to know Chase, Victor, and Russ on a deeper level as they navigate a shocking sequence of suspense laced with steamy encounters, romance, and intrigue. With a surprising twist, new characters and returning favorites shift Closing Shift 4 into a journey you won’t forget. Free on Kindle.
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