Free: GOD IS SPEAKING 3: Visions, Dreams & Voices

GOD IS SPEAKING 3: Visions, Dreams & Voices
GOD IS SPEAKING 3: Visions, Dreams & Voices by Andy Ripley is a compelling examination of the ways in which God has spoken to His people through visions & dreams, and also explores the different voices that God has spoken with – for example, the voice of a Father, a Husband to His people, and a judge.. In this third volume of the series, Ripley delves deep into the supernatural realm and provides readers with a comprehensive understanding of the powerful messages that have been conveyed through these divine means.

The book is divided into three sections, each of which is dedicated to exploring a different aspect of communication between God and humanity. In the first section, Ripley offers a detailed analysis of how God speaks to us through visions. Drawing on the experiences of Old Testament Prophet and key New Testament figures, he provides readers with a wealth of insight into this powerful phenomenon.

The second section of the book is dedicated to exploring the subject of dreams. Ripley takes readers on a journey through the world of dreams and their significant spiritual implications. With biblical examples, he demonstrates how dreams sometimes served as a conduit for God to connect with men, reveal His will, and provide guidance for life’s journey.

The final section of the book is an exploration of the different voices God has spoken in, and how He them it to speak to us in a relatable way. Ripley demonstrates how listening to God’s voice can help us to achieve our goals, overcome obstacles, and build a stronger relationship with Him.

Overall, GOD IS SPEAKING 3 is a powerful guide to the ways in which God communicates with us. It is a compelling read for anyone seeking to deepen their understanding of God’s will for their life and to unlock the full potential of their spiritual journey. Free on Kindle.
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