Free: Parking Made Easy – Making Life Easier

Parking Made Easy - Making Life Easier
Parking is something we all do, probably every day, and can be the cause of a lot of stress and hassle, not to mention expense these days. But what if you could find a better way to deal with your parking needs, or even make money from your own driveway? This eBook is your complete guide to parking, covering everything from who is responsible for the dreaded parking meter to challenging any parking fine you may get.

With this book you can become a parking expert, from the Romans to today’s leisure boaters, you can see how parking has evolved, and how much it matters to everyday life. Get a glimpse into the future and how parking will evolve with our changing world. But more than that, you can find ways to lower your parking costs and even turn parking into a side business that adds money to your pocket every month.

Packed full of detail and information that can make your relationship with parking better, it is a book that will help you master the idea of parking whether you need a space for your car, van, boat or RV. Save money, make money, avoid spending money on fines and take away the stress of parking problems. Everything you need is right here in this ultimate guide to parking which will help you to live a better life. Free on Kindle.
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