Wizardly Woes (A Wizards of Little Hope Cozy Mystery Book 1)

Wizardly Woes (A Wizards of Little Hope Cozy Mystery Book 1)
Take a sometime wizard, send him back to his paranormal hometown, add in a cast of quirky characters and supernatural beings, including a smart Irish Wolfhound familiar, sprinkle with magic, then top off with a big dollop of humour, and you have A Wizards of Little Hope Cozy Mystery.

After losing his wife five years ago, Bran sank into a mire of depression and over-eating. Two years of grieving later, he got his act together, moved back to his hometown of Lost Hope, and embraced his wizardly credentials. Now he’s the proud owner of a hippy shop in a town brimming with wizards, witches, and all manner of supernatural oddballs.

When a customer’s husband is found dead in the old quarry, and the local Police Chief won’t hear a word about foul play, it’s up to Bran and his familiar Kale the Irish Wolfhound, his brother Forest, and their cousin Roger the Lodger to chase down the clues, catch the killer, and get the poor woman some answers.But Bran’s family are an interfering bunch of old wizards, and Captain, his grandfather, refuses to take a backseat when there’s a mystery to be solved.

Falling for a childhood friend who’s just returned to town couldn’t have come at a more inconvenient moment, but Bran’s determined that nothing will stand in the way of another chance at happiness.But will she still like him once she gets to meet the family? It’s a big ask. Will they even get to go on a date with the killer seemingly intent on upping the murder count? Get ready for a wild ride where one sneeze can see you turned into a rabbit, the local baker is a real giant, and even the pub is run by a pair of vampires. Watch out for Grenadine the super-sentient spider too! $0.99 on Kindle.
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