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The Tomb
On the run from her father’s debts, Renata wants nothing more than safety and obscurity. She thinks she has found it when she takes a job at an isolated mountain inn. With the closest neighbor miles away, there is nothing but the silence of the surrounding forest. She is completely alone. Or is she? There is something ancient and hungry waiting in the forest. Will it be another horror for Renata to survive or a pleasure that will consume her whole?

The blankets rose near her feet as the creature climbed over the end of the bed and crawled up her body. The sound of the blankets rasping over rough skin made her eyes widen. When she raised the blanket to peek down at the creature, she caught a glimpse of bare shoulders in the low light.

Pale eyes met hers, inhuman and hungry. Reny tightened her grip on the blankets but made no move to stop the creature when its clawed hands curled over her waistband. A thumb slipped the button on her jeans free and a hard jerk parted the zipper. Free on Kindle.
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