Montana’s Bravest: Rescue & Protect Romantic Suspense Novella

Montana's Bravest: Rescue & Protect Romantic Suspense Novella

Following the disappearance of his brother, former Navy SEAL and ex-bodyguard Sam Redley Kelleher has lived and breathed danger in order to protect others. It’s in his blood. It’s his life’s calling. His security company, Red Mark Rescue & Protect, is the elite organization the authorities turn to when others back down. Dedicated just like co-founder and friend, former Green Beret Mark ‘Baby Face’ Connor, Sam declares himself married to the job—until his three-legged canine companion decides to shake things up. As a new missing person case looms, Sam is reminded why he has no room for romance in his life. But the stunning woman his dog has tried to play cupid with isn’t like any other. She doesn’t need his protection, she doesn’t need him. And for that, Sam finds her unfamiliarly, and endearingly, irresistible. $0.99 on Kindle.
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