Colter’s Vengeance

Colter's Vengeance

How far does a man go to put war behind him? Colter Gaines went all the way to the wilds of the frontier, hoping to set up a peaceful life on a ranch with his wife and young daughter. For a few years, he had just that, even if his marriage was collapsing and his ranch teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. Yet compared to what he had known in the army, eking out a living with his daughter was a godsend. But when he finds the body of a Blackfoot teen on his land, a chain of events is set off that ends in horrible tragedy.

Now Colter is seeking revenge, and the violent man of old has returned. The real threat of his enemies does not frighten him. The power of the law cannot change his mind. Even close friends cannot dissuade him from his quest. The thirst for vengeance is all that remains. But his quest does not turn out to be as easy as it first seems, and his enemies might not be what they first appeared. Colter comes to realize that powers he’d never considered might be involved, and the cost of his revenge greater than he could ever imagine. But when a man has nothing left the unimaginable is no obstacle, and his foes will soon learn there are people out there that all the money and power in the world cannot stop… $2.99 on Kindle.
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