Our Tense Love Affair

Our Tense Love Affair
I’m falling in love with the one woman that drives me crazy.
And not in a good way. She just won’t quit.
My goal is to tear down an old theater and make a pretty penny on it.
But the main actress, who the whole damn town loves, graces the world with her presence there.
And she’s not having any of my advances.
At least not outside the bedroom. If I didn’t want her so freaking badly, I’d demolish the old place with my bare hands.
Funnily enough, I think our one hot night was a ploy to get me to back off.
Pretty thing doesn’t realize who she’s dealing with.
Us Bancrofts take what we want without apology.
It’s part of our billionaire blood. It’s the way we play the game.
We can go at it easy, or this can be tense, but either way, I will win.
The building has to go, and the girl? Well, she has to stay. $0.99 on Kindle.
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