Fake Marriage Secret

Fake Marriage Secret
Brantley Jenkins and I only have one thing in common…
We wouldn’t get married if our lives depended on it.
I knew when I hired him to help with my grandmother’s business,
She would see him as something more, of course.
We drank down her tricky poison like fools.
Only to wake up the next morning and realize we’d be duped.
Like it or not, we are now married.
Our fake marriage gets a little too real for me,
When I learn our very real hot and steamy sex…
Has led to me being very pregnant.
Right after Brantley has made it clear that kids are not in the cards for him,
I end up with a positive pregnancy test to prove him wrong…
That is if I decide to tell him he’s a father now.
Will our arranged marriage prove to be a happy accident? Or are we fooling ourselves in the way we hoped to fool everyone else? $0.99 on Kindle
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