Build Consciousness by Expanding Awareness

Build Consciousness by Expanding Awareness
Build Consciousness by Expanding Awareness was borne from a heart-to-heart conversation between a loving grandmother and her adult grandson. It quickly grew into powerful lessons about the human experience, society’s collective consciousness, and incredibly powerful anecdotes about the search for meaning.
The lessons, in-depth discussions, and life-changing essays serve as a guide for all who want to build their consciousness to live a more fulfilled and well-rounded life. Each chapter speaks to finding inner wisdom, breaking free from distortions of the ego, connecting with consciousness through expanding awareness so that we may transcend negative patterns, letting go of bad habits, relinquish limiting beliefs, and expand our potential.
Filled with insights, unique perspectives, inspiration, philosophy, science, mysticism, and quotes from prominent figures from all ages, around the globe, this book highlights mindful practices and methodologies that serve as a roadmap for your personal development and journey to expanding your awareness and creating a strong foundation for your personal consciousness.
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