Erica Warner is a button-down cyber analyst for Homeland Security. Despite her high-security clearance and swank D.C. address life is pretty ordinary, until she receives a mysterious parcel. Turns out Ric, a sexy soccer fan with whom she had a weekend fling, was actually a government operative. He sent her a zip drive that holds a surveillance video showing the new and highly manic American President, Daniel J. Travis, in a very compromising situation. When Belarusian thugs nearly kill her for it Erica finds herself on the run for her life. As she makes a midnight escape to New York a double agent steals the drive and sells it to a powerful lesbian French industrialist who plans on blackmailing the President into lopsided business deals. Erica finds Ric and they collaborate with two U.S. intelligence agents. The four get embroiled in an international scavenger hunt to secure the drive and the integrity of the American government. To preserve national security as well as her very life Erica sees and does things she could never imagine. Along the way she comes to question her perception of the world, her own life’s plans, and her sexuality. This is a fast-paced and steamy novel loosely inspired by political events. It is very erotic with graphic depictions of sex and some scenes of intense violence and includes LGBTQ characters portrayed in a well-rounded realistic fashion. $2.99 on Kindle.

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