Arrogant Jerk (Forbidden Love Book 2)

Arrogant Jerk (Forbidden Love Book 2)
This couldn’t be true…I couldn’t be in love with another younger woman who is just after my money! Claudia Wilks is my new nanny…and my future heartbreak. My little girl’s mother abandoned us soon after she gave birth. She left a hole inside my heart that I turned into anger. I became a different person, a ruthless businessman. But Claudia brings out the side of me that I’d forgotten about. It’s impossible for me to trust another woman. Especially one who is a decade younger than me. She could be obsessed with my wealth, but my heart says otherwise. History, however, has a habit of repeating itself. I can’t risk having a broken home again, so I’d have to fire Claudia. But what if something stops me? The one thing that would change the course of my life. Will I be able to put my ego aside, let her in, and accept her big secret? $0.99 on Kindle.

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