The Weight of Salt

The Weight of Salt

“In Montanino’s debut historical novel, the young daughter of Sicilian immigrants struggles to carve her own path. This is a poignant family saga that portrays the social, political, and economic struggles of its time.” KIRKUS REVIEW

The Weight of Salt draws the reader into the world of 1906, Ybor City, Florida. Fifteen-year-old ANGELINA PIRRELLO is bright, and ready to fulfill her dreams when a devastating tragedy strikes and transforms her life. Forced to leave school and seek work in a local cigar factory, Angelina becomes involved it the fight of Women’s Suffragette.

Narrowly escaping the biggest fire in Florida’s history, Angelina witnesses a murder and becomes convinced she will never achieve happiness. But when Angelina meets Rolando, she discovers love. However, in a twist of fate, her father has promised her in marriage to a man she dislikes, forcing her to make a desperate move. $0.99 on Kindle.

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